This is an emotional sneak peak into the beautiful beach cottage of my wonderful mother and father in law.  We were home in Alabama for his funeral, after a heroic battle with cancer, and this was his final piece of art work which they so beautifully created together.  The story of their life is a book on its own, but the story of this house is amazing in its self.

Years back the main house, pictured above on the left of the deck, was gifted to them from a dear friend.  Being as adventurous as they are, they bought a stunning piece of property 150 yards. from Mobile Bay, and simply explained, cut the house into pieces, put it on a “trailer” and slowly and carefully rolled it down the road.  They then raised it 14 ft in the air and created the most beautiful stilt house.

Once that was done they added a guest house (to the right of the above picture), and a crows nest (pictured below).  The end result, a beautiful home that portrays the most ultimate journey and story of their love.

Beach Cottage Deck

After walking up the grand entrance steps and through a beautiful front porch, where some pretty fantastic hammock swinging and music playing went on:

Beach Cottage Hammock


Beach Cottage Musicians

You enter into the


Beach Cottage Living Room

and are greeted by this hand carved wooden alligator

Beach Cottage Hand Made Alligator

Heart pine flooring, passed down wicker couch, and a woven teak rug.
As you can tell, they were both well traveled.  She was an importer from Indonesia, store owner, and is a sail boat captain.  He was from South Africa and sailed around the world on a boat he made.  The beach cottage truly reflects their life stories.

Beach Cottage Shelving

Beach Cottage Decor

Beach Cottage African Art

Beach Cottage Living Room 2

Beach Cottage Drums

Beach Cottage Living Room Art

Beach Cottage Fireplace

To the left of the fire place is the

Beach Cottage Master Bedroom

The headboard is an antique Balinese screen with an assortment of chenille and linen super comfy pillows.

Beach Cottage Master


Beach Cottage Master Bath

Vessel sink with salvaged Heart Pine counter top.

Beach Cottage Master Bath 2

Beach Cottage Master Bath 3

Heart Pine shelving and a beautiful collection of bath salts, soaps, and oils from around the world.  The hand carved wooden dancing women were designed by my mother in law.

When you walk out of the master suite and beyond the living room is the


Where some pretty amazing meals happened.

Beach Cottage Jamalaya

Fresh Gulf Shrimp, caught that day from Billy’s Seafood

Beach Cottage Meal

and of course Cynthia’s amazing cheese grits (thank you Kell and Cynthia for the wonderful love filled meals).

Beach Cottage Kitchen

Granite counter tops, original white painted cabinetry, and the wood work above the pass through is salvaged railing.

Beach Cottage Kitchen Art

Beach Cottage Kitchen Bar

The bar is made from salvaged Heart Pine paired with bamboo bar stools.

Beach Cottage Shells

A beautiful vignette on the bar of sea glass, shell and black and ivory candles.

As you walk through the kitchen you are lead into the


Beach Cottage Family Room

I love the family room, it is so cozy and collected.  The piece above the sliding glass door is actually tree bark in a full circle, skinned from the tree in one continuous piece.

Beach Cottage Hat Rack

Again, this was designed by my mother-in-law.

Beach Cottage Wall Art

The man himself.

Beach Cottage Art 2
Beach Cottage Art 3

Beach Cottage Pass Thru

The mirrored bar made even more alluring by the wooden mermaid!

Beach Cottage Doors

Even the doors they hand made!

Beach Cottage Trunk

Beach Cottage Coffee Table

Vintage suitcases used as a coffee table topped with glass.

Beach Cottage Dining Table

Teak dining table with shell candle holder.

Beach Cottage Windows

Beach Cottage Side Table

Balinese wooden Camel table made of imported German wood.

Beach Cottage Floors

Gotta love the whimsy!

Beach Cottage Cabinet

Even the

LAUNDRY ROOM is great:

Beach Cottage Laundry Room

Beach Cottage Laundry Room 2

My families clothes would never be dirty if I was working in this space!

Beach Cottage Laundry Room 3

The GUEST BATH is just so whimsical:

Beach Cottage Guest Bath

Beach Cottage Guest Bath 2

Beach Cottage Shutter

Hardware on a vintage shutter.

Beach Cottage Mirror

Beach Cottage Soap Dish

Beach Cottage Sink

Beach Cottage Guest Bath 3


Beach Cottage Guest Bedroom

Beach Cottage Bedroom

This is a beach cottage with a story behind every detail.  You can feel the love, work, care and passion it took to execute such a beautiful space.  This took sacrifice, and it does not go without notice.  Even the deck boards were salvaged after a hurricane from blown away boat docks.

Beach Cottage Deck 1

Beach Cottage Deck Decor

Beach Cottage Walkway

The walkway was another salvage put to beautiful use.

Beach Cottage View

Beach Cottage Plants
Beach Cottage Stairs

Beach Cottage Deck 2

Beach Cottage Lamp

Beach Cottage Deck Design

Beach Cottage Outside Art

Beach Cottage Screens

Beach Cottage Sun Catcher

Beach Cottage Entrance

When I look back at these pictures I’m amazed at the personal detail that has gone into this house.  Every board hammered, every window placed, down to the art work designed, was done by two of them and a few friends.

This post is first and foremost dedicated to the creators of this beautiful space, but it is also dedicated to all of you hard working couples out there who share a dream for the land you bought together and went for it by building a home with your four hands.  It gets hard, you sometimes wonder if it’s worth it, if you will ever finish, but when you sit down at the end of the day you have something no one else can truly ever understand except the two of you, and THAT is a love story.

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