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An Evening with Amy Flurry

It’s no secret that we LOVE hosting community events. Every year, we host several pop ups and parties in the French & French Interiors Showroom, but earlier this month we teamed up with Franziska Neumann, owner of the creative agency FZK, to deliver a one-of-a-kind event to the Santa Fe design community: an evening with the talented Amy Flurry.

Heather French, Amy Flurry and Franziska Neumann posing for photo with rainbow colored fabric samples in shelves in background

Amy is a communications expert, author of the book Recipe for Press, and a known expert in our industry when it comes to helping designers get their work featured in magazines and other publications.

Stacks of books of Recipe for Press by Amy Flurry

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Amy speak a handful of times, and we’ve become great friends over the years. She is truly wonderful at what she does, and we’ve wanted to invite her to Santa Fe for a long time! We knew having her here would be a great opportunity for local creative businesses to learn how to empower themselves and expand their reach with the right tools and strategies. As usual, she over delivered!

All evening, our showroom was bubbling with chatter on all things creativity, press and publicity. I’m still so surprised and delighted at how many people turned out for this event. I’m not sure we’ve ever had so many people packed into the showroom at once! 

Room filled with audience members listening to presentation

Being published in print has had a massive impact on our own business. The interior design industry is a visual one, and getting published in magazines is still SO important to any designer’s success. I loved watching members of our community engage with Amy’s message on the importance of digging in and really understanding your business goals if you want to be successful in the press.

As a community, Santa Fe as a whole has a real opportunity right now to rise up together and reinvigorate business and entrepreneurship in our community. Our beautiful city is starting to get the attention it deserves on the national and international stage. From Breaking Bad, to George RR Martin, to Meow Wolf, Matt and I are really digging this resurgence of interest in the local design aesthetic.

Sofa with multiple colorful bohemian pillows and coffee table with global patterned texture samples in trays

I love seeing so many thriving businesses in our community, and I think we’re at the start of a real movement of local creatives banding together to push boundaries, explore new opportunities, and expand our reach. 

Having such an engaged and talented group of people together in one space was SO energizing and empowering. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with the information they learned at this event, and am excited for the opportunities we’re going to find and build together. I’ve already seen a step up in the local Instagram game! 😉

We absolutely loved hosting an event like this, where we can all share knowledge and ideas and help each other grow. I sense many more of these events in our future. If you’re a local to the Santa Fe area, what events would you love to see more of in the French & French showroom? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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