Design Inspiration: Christmas in Santa Fe – Transitioning to Holiday Décor

Happy Holidays! Many of you have gathered around tables this past weekend to celebrate with family and friends. And many of you have probably already started to transition to Holiday décor in your homes. Trees and greenery are coming out, all your favorite items from Christmases past, and perhaps a new trinket or two.

Many of you may look around your home and ask “Where am I going to put this?” We can help! I love Christmas, and I love decorating for Christmas. I’m one of those people who would love to start putting up Christmas decorations at the end of September!

And here’s why: I adore the warmth and coziness of our home at Christmas. In fact, I learned a lot about design by decorating for Christmas. Why shouldn’t our homes feel warm and welcome year-round? The answer is that they should, and they can!

Add greens… lots of greens

One of the reasons we decorate with plants year-round is because I loved the look of my house at Christmas, filled with greens. If you do only one thing to your house this holiday season, try adding live greens, and see how it enlivens a room.

Hang wreaths on mirrors. Use garlands above windows, or around an entire room. Or over a doorway. Put tiny trees in each room.

Download our Holiday Greenery Tips & Tricks Guide for best hanging practices, and tips to keep your greens fresh throughout the whole season.

Tree Design


Some people have themed trees, or color coordinated trees. We’ve never been picky on the specifics of tree design. In our home our trees are a reflection of spontaneous family sentiment. Many of our decorations are reminders of our travels, some others are made by our daughter, and some are family heirlooms.

We don’t worry about finding the ‘perfect’ tree. Our trees become perfectly transformed as we decorate them. Each year’s tree becomes a reflection of who we are and where we’ve been.

One thing to keep in mind if you’re using live trees: the tree IS going to fall at some point. Accept it. If you’ve got valuable ornaments you’re worried about breaking, display them in a different manner. One person I know has antique hand blown icicles she hangs off the chandelier over her dining room table.

Decorating beyond the Christmas Tree

Keep it simple. Many of us have lived-in homes. It’s no fun to pack up half a room just to add holiday décor. So, keep it simple.

If you’ve got glass balls, display them in a colorful glass bowl on your table or a shelf. Many people have Christmas collections – towns, trains, nutcrackers, etc. Group them together on a low table or bookshelf. Or use them as your Christmas table centerpiece.

Christmas Table Centerpiece


If you’ve read our Thanksgiving Table blog post, you know we love vibrantly colored tablecloths. Use greenery to balance out their brilliance, and in it, nest vintage glass pieces filled with cranberries, pinecones, and oranges.

Add sparkle. Use glass or sparkly candle holders. Add gold and silver elements to reflect the light.

Whatever you do, let your Holiday decorating be a unique reflection of who you are, and the people you love.

Post pictures of your holiday décor in the comments below, and don’t forget to download our Holiday Greenery Tips & Tricks Guide. If you’re not already on our list, sign up below to receive access!

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