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A Natural “Boo” – Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop

Welcome to those of you joining us from Iris Nacole, and thanks to our friend Ariel at PMQ for Two for hosting again this year.

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I’m excited to share our family’s Halloween tablescape with you, because I think you’re in for something really different using unique, inspirational materials that are just so Santa Fe. Here we go!

French and French Interiors Halloween Tablescape

glass pumpkin gourds natural table decor

glass pumpkin fall leaves table decoration

Keep it Simple

For tablescapes in general, I always like to stay pretty natural. For a fall table, that means I’m heading outside to pluck a few key pieces from the yard: oranges, gourds, pumpkins (of course), and even some dried evergreen branches or other leaves.

I don’t really like buying a lot of stuff every year for new tablescapes, so instead I keep the same structural pieces and build on it using whatever we happen to have in season.

My staple pieces are this glass pumpkin, and some of my eclectic salt and pepper shakers. Lots of folks know I collect them, so we always get a ton as gifts! By this point in life I have plenty for every occasion!

As you can see, even the bought pieces are still reflecting the natural theme I’m going for. Sometimes I’ll get Isla involved by asking her to make some animals out of pinecones — the more the merrier!

Overall, my inspiration for tablescapes is to keep it simple and uncomplicated. I usually have a default style I like, and I’ll stick to that instead of changing it up a whole lot every year.

Amadeus French & French ShowHouse 2016 Finals 022
French & French Tablescape 7

Use What You See

My best advice for designing interesting tablescapes is to use what you have. To start, just look around your house with different eyes: what do I have that’s already seasonal, or can be made festive with a few key additions?

Remember: you don’t have to go out and buy a whole lot of stuff just for holiday decor! Look around you for natural inspiration, and use what you see creatively.

In addition to being cheaper (!), this gives your space a more organic and natural feel than a lot of things you’ll find at a big box store. Then, you can pull out just a few items to make it more festive: napkins, tableware, candles, etc.

I like this tactic because it lends itself to a bit more of a curated look. Instead of buying the same thing everybody else has, we’ll always have something that’s uniquely ours: our taste, our family, our natural materials.

You can see here more of the natural items I chose to work with: nuts, pine cones, branches, flowers…even fruits and vegetables to celebrate this harvest-y time of year!

french & french holiday table centerpiece
Amadeus_French & French ShowHouse 2016 Finals 012

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Taking Your Style to the Table

Once I’ve found all my natural pieces, it’s time to go full French & French with some patterns and colors (of course!).

For holiday decorating, I’m usually thinking about how to warm up the house and make it cozier. Though I don’t stick to a single color palette, you might see more maroons and reds than normal just because of the comfortable vibe I’m going for.

Then, instead of using standard Halloween or fall patterns, I’ll look for things that tie together… just like with normal pattern mixing. (Read more about that process here!)

This time I made these blue silk napkins with a hot pink edge sewn around them. I love the pinks and reds right now, and I’m using the texture to tie it together.

I also kept my tablecloth the same: it’s an Indian wedding textile I’ve used for years. I do change it up sometimes, but usually I keep it and layer in different napkins for variation.

Finally, I’ll throw in those special pieces: maybe some candles, or family heirloom dinnerware (you know, the stuff that comes out just for special occasions!).

For me, a tablescape like this really celebrates the heart and soul of the season with simple pleasures and natural treasures.

Amadeus_French & French ShowHouse 2016 Finals 021
Heather French design Holiday Table decor

Share Your Creations! #frenchandfrenchfall

What about you? Are you putting together a fun fall tablescape this season? Share it with us on instagram using the hashtag #frenchandfrenchfall — we’ll be featuring some on our own feed!

If you don’t have a big dining table, don’t worry. Just make a small vignette on an entrance table or bookshelf. Be creative, and show me what cool things your space already has! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Thanks for visiting us today — enjoy all the other stops on the blog hop!

PMQ for two // Semigloss Design // Domicile 37 // Dimples and Tangles // House by Hoff // Up to Date Interiors // Iris Nacole // French & French Interior Design

French & French ShowHouse 2016 Finals 003
French and French Interiors All Hallow's Eve Tablescape Hop


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