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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The weather is finally starting to cool off in Santa Fe, and many of us are transitioning to the Holidays. In our home we love to transition to the holidays right after Halloween. We’ll do a post later in the month about how we decorate for Christmas, but today I want to talk about setting the table for Thanksgiving.

Many of you entertain family and friends at Thanksgiving, and we have some great tips for putting together a personalized, visually interesting centerpiece for your special meal.


Choose Vibrant Colors

When it’s brown and gray outside, use vibrant colors to warm up a space. I’ve never found a tablecloth that I love as much as this Indian wedding textile. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. If your tablecloth is red and pink (like ours), try blue napkins, or orange. Bright colors also lift moods, so they’re perfect for Holiday entertaining.


Bringing the Outside In

One way to liven up a table (and a home) is by bringing in natural elements. Do you have an evergreen in your yard? Snip some greens and place them on the table. Add fruit like oranges or pears. Place cranberries in a piece of vintage crystal. Add pinecones.

Holiday DIY center piece


Add Sparkle

As our days get darker, we like to add light reflecting objects to our table. Bouncing light off uneven surfaces adds warmth and a sense of festivity to a room. You could use vintage stemware, glass balls, or mirrors.

Holiday DIY table decor


Warm it up with candles

Nothing says warmth and welcome quite like the friendly flicker of a candle. We like nesting the candles among the other elements of a centerpiece. Just be careful that stray greenery is tucked carefully away from the open flame.

Holiday table decor design candles


Keep it Low

For a centerpiece on a table, we like to vary the height. Make sure you take height into account when sitting down. Nobody likes peering through flowers or around candles in an attempt to talk to the person across the table. A centerpiece should bring people together, facilitating engagement and relationships, not act as a barrier.


Personalize it

This is the most fun part. Do you have homemade decorations from years past? Nest them in the greenery. Does one of your guests love fly-fishing? Or skiing? Head down to a local store like Array in Santa Fe and pick up a few personalized items for each guest. You can use them in the centerpiece, then send each guest home with a lovely memento of your day together. We collect figurine salt shakers, and love using them throughout our centerpiece.

DIY table centerpiece giveaway Holiday

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