ShowHouse 2015

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ShowHouse Santa Fe 2015

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For designers, this is as good as it gets, those projects where you get to have complete creative license AND it’s for a great cause. Show House Santa Fe is a design-based fundraiser where a group of amazingly talented interior designers get together to transform a home which raises money for a great organization called Dollars 4 Schools. Rooms are assigned to each designer and a theme is set: Lux New Mex.

We added a lot of color and texture and decided to ground the space with some black and off-white striped drapery as well as settee upholstery, so the eye had a moment to rest. We used ancient Acoma pottery and folk art style wall paintings, which Matt painted himself, as well as modern photographs by Andrea Bonfils to ground the space. We kept all of the textures very organic, by using basketry and a restricted addition of only silver for our metal element. Honestly, I could go on and on about our process, but in a nut shell, what this project did for us was give us the confidence in our own style to only go with what we love. We hope you enjoy and get inspired!

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