ShowHouse 2016 – Heather’s Room


ShowHouse 2016 - Heather's Room


My room was the foyer: a long, narrow space, oddly shaped at about 30 feet long by 7 feet wide. Entrances are often overlooked spaces. We typically breeze right through them, perhaps stopping only to drop our keys or a piece of mail. That attitude tends to show in our home decorating too: entryways often have only a single piece of artwork, and maybe a side table.

What if we elevated our entryways?

I wanted to create a visual stop in the space, as well as enhance function. Since this entryway has another opening into the garden, I saw an opportunity to create a comfy reading spot: a place of peace, where you could throw open the doors to the garden and enjoy the view.

The theme for this year’s ShowHouse was “Everything Old is New Again Mexico.” An aesthetic revival of Colonial Mexico, married with the New Mexico of today. I took my inspiration from artist Frida Kahlo, and went over the top with it, incorporating bold, vibrant colors, and soft, loungy furniture that invites you to take a seat.