ShowHouse 2016 – Matt’s Room


ShowHouse 2016 - Matt's Room


Matt was tasked with bringing the media center – a room which we quickly nicknamed the “keyhole room” – to life.

Matt was inspired by New Mexico’s storied history: in particular, the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680, also known as Popé’s Revolt. The rustic adobe on the walls not only offers textural interest and warmth, it’s a nod to an age-old building material used across the region.

The ropes are a direct reference to Popé’s Revolt. Many of the enslaved, indigenous people couldn’t read. There was no way to develop a calendar. But, Popé devised an ingenious way of communicating. Every participant was given a small piece of rope with five knots. Every morning, they would untie a knot. When the rope was free of knots, the revolt was to begin.

Since media in the modern age is used for entertainment and comfort, as well as communication, Matt wanted the room to be cozy and warm. An inviting place to relax and kick back. The room is filled with a myriad of pillows in multiple fabrics, that you can arrange in endless combination.