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We recently finished a major overhaul of our house using French and French Interiors. Initially we were going to use them for the interior design aspect, but we ended up using them as our general contractors. They were fantastic. We remodeled all of the bathrooms, gutted the kitchen, changed the entryway, changed windows and doors, painted the entire house, redid electrical work, made a new office, took down and put up walls, iinstalled new flooring, added kid-friendly areas, and fixed a number of smaller architectural problems.
While we liked the overall spacing and location of our house, we knew we needed to do something major to open it up, overcome the challenges of an older house, and to help with the lighting and coziness. We are north and east facing, and combined with a closed design, blocked views, and dark colors, our home felt like a cave.
We found Heather and Matt through the grapevine, and cold-called them. They came over, looked at out house, and within about 15 minutes knew exactly what we should do. We had met with some architects before using French and French, but their ideas sounded pricey without us feeling like we were going to get what we were looking for.
We weren’t sure what we could afford, and we were on a budget. So they had about 8 subcontractors come over, and most impressively they all showed up within the same hour. That’s the kind of professionalism we wanted. I find that kind of service hard to come by.
As we sat and chiseled down the budget, they were great in helping us think through what would get us the most bang for our buck. They recognized ideas we had that were going to be expensive without much impact, and they had ideas that were affordable changes that we hadn’t thought of.
Heather was great in helping us pick things we could live with, things we could refurbish, and things that were worth replacing. As an example, we knocked down a major wall and lost an office that I use regularly. Since we were losing that space, I wanted to find a way to make a new office. Matt recognized that our oversized closet was on the far side of a living room wall. So we cut into the closet, took 4 of 6 pieces of my modular office storage unit, and attached them within the new space. Matt had a desk top made and matched to the existing unit. Heather found us a nice chair and a great lamp, and voila, we had an office
The Frenches worked tirelessly to go through our stuff and recognize what was valuable to our new house, and what should go. They literally went through everything we owned. Our new home still feels like our house, only a lot nicer. It doesn’t feel like we are surrounded by someone else’s furnishings. As for the new furnishings, they are spectacular. Cozy, functional, and great to look at. They fit our style perfectly.
The entire construction phase was 2 months. I can’t imagine this is the norm, but we did it in the winter, and we had to move out completely, so we wanted it to go fast. Matt’s experience in construction kept everything on pace. They had complete confidence that we would finish on time and knew the time frame for each piece of the project. Heather’s experience in running major interior design projects came through beautifully. Everything was available and installed on time.
As for the construction, the same guys did most everything. They were polite, professional, and responsive when we had concerns. Matt would come over and help us think through things when I was concerned about some little aspect of construction.
We moved back in about 6 weeks ago. We had a few small things that needed adjusted, and Matt and Heather have been more than responsive. All in all, it was a fantastic experience. We loved getting to know the Frenches, and working with them. And we absolutely love our home. It’s exactly what we wanted.

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