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Outdoor Summer Living Santa Fe Style


It’s easy to inject a little summer style into your outdoor living spaces with planters. Planters can be used to separate spaces, add focus along a large wall or walkway, dress up a drab or dreary corner of the yard, and invite people to spend more time outside in the summer months. In less than half a day you can transform any space into an outdoor oasis with these easy steps.

The Best Plant Nursery in Santa Fe


The first place I go for plant and design inspiration is my local garden center, Agua Fria Nursery. Their staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, and they carry a great variety of local plants, eclectic planters, and all sorts of fun stuff. Most importantly, I always feel at home there. Every time I visit, my goal is to find something that you don’t see every day. I also like to look for items that provide a variety of texture, color and scale. My philosophy on planters is as simple as it gets – that more is definitely more…  which to me equals better!


Look for items that provide a variety of texture, color, and scale


Summer Planters- Choose Your Design Inspiration


When purchasing planters and plants, you always want to keep in mind the space you’re planting for. Will it be seen on all sides? Or will it be seen only on one side? Will the planters be different colors, sizes and shapes? Or will they be uniform? Do I want to plant similar colored flowers/leaves? Or am I going for a more cottage garden eclectic look? Really, you’re only limited by your imagination. Once you’ve selected your planters and flowers, don’t forget you’ll also need potting soil, pebbles for the bottom of the containers to slow drainage, and perhaps a little fertilizer.


Design Outdoor Spaces Like a Pro


At our place, because these planters are against the wall and in the back of our studio space, I wanted the tallest plants in the back of the planter. I placed the largest plant, an artichoke, towards the back of the planter. From there I went down in scale/size as I added plants towards the front of the pot. In the very front I placed the sweet potato vines and other droopy plants around the edge, to provide visual interest.  I really have to squeeze the plants in there, and they end up growing really beautifully together throughout the season!  Happy planting!!!

Step by Step Guide

1. Visit your local nursery for design inspiration

2. Choose your theme

3. Gather your supplies

4. Place pots and plants keeping in mind scale, texture, and color

5. Place the plants close together to allow for mingling as they grow

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