Our Team

We are a husband and wife team known for our family-centered design and hands-on approach. We design for the way you live, and feel a space should be a personal reflection of its occupants.

Our focus is on design that is ecologically sound, and eclectically high-end. Inspired by our travels throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, our aesthetic marries antiques, art, and modern pieces with an international flourish.



Heather French is the co-founder, principal, and lead designer of French & French Interiors. She enjoys customizing designs for her clients based on their current spaces and needs, and specializes in being able to distill their desires into a beautiful, comfortable, and functional aesthetic.

Heather has always been interested in the layout and flow of people’s homes, and ways that design translates into living styles (especially among different cultures). She recognizes the importance of how personal space can affect mental energy, and is grateful for the multiple chances she had as a child to design her own bedroom as she began honing her aesthetic.

During college, Heather remembers her mother telling her that “you’re already halfway through; you might as well stick it out.” As part of French & French today, Heather employs this same “put one foot in front of the other” mentality to overcome challenges without worrying or overthinking — she looks for next steps, best decisions, and innovative solutions that keep things moving forward.

After working for years with other design firms, Heather decided to build French & French Interiors. Along with her husband Matt, she began defining their unique aesthetic that honors a space’s history, culture, and purpose while serving its current intention.

Heather loves creating fun, integrated spaces for her clients that bring life and purpose to a family’s home. For her, interior design is about more than just “pretty things” — well-thought-out spaces should solve a problem and allow for shared human experiences on a deeper level. Heather strives to understand her client’s desired purpose for a space, and then create beautiful, meaningful areas that provide families a soulful, fun, nurturing place to live.


Matt French is the co-founder of French & French Interiors. He currently leads product design and development for the firm and their new lighting line, French and French Lighting. Matt’s background in construction allows him to see big-picture design solutions, and he enjoys creating inspired pieces that serve design needs beyond what most people even realize they want.

Matt was drawn to design from a desire to build innovative spaces and items. Though he says skateboarding and MTV drove his early aesthetic, he always enjoyed building things (from mountain bikes to off-the-grid homes). He grew up in an artistic family, and remembers appreciating the construction of well-made items from a young age. As a child, Matt helped his mother run an imports store, where the family brought exotic pieces from around the world into their small Alabama town. He developed a keen sense of adventure learning the stories of where these objects came from, and was impressed at the way these beautiful pieces could cultivate a space’s custom aesthetic.

Later, Matt began thinking about art and design in relation to nature, and now draws inspiration from the plethora of outdoor experiences available in Santa Fe. Over time, he’s developed a greater appreciation of how simple, ingenious design can combine with natural elements to create beautiful pieces; Matt says this understanding is in his DNA.

Matt believes the design process should be nuanced and intimate, and that the experience can be extremely cathartic for clients who are willing to open up and let their desires be truly translated into a custom space. “The space you occupy is so much of who you are and how you feel,” he says, adding that great design can be spiritually nourishing when a changed space brings emotional cleansing.

Moving forward, Matt’s vision is to continue developing inspired products that he sees are missing from mainstream design. He aims to create locally handmade pieces that articulate a sense of place for Santa Fe and the Mountain West. Clients can expect to see designs that Matt and Heather would include in their own interiors at French & French, as the firm moves forward to manufacture pieces that they would want to place themselves

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