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We are known for our family-friendly design and hands-on approach. We design for the way you live, and feel a space should be a personal reflection of its occupants.

Our focus is on design that is ecologically sound, family-friendly and affordably high-end. Inspired by our travels throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and South America, our aesthetic marries antiques, art, and modern pieces with an international flourish.


Heather studied Anthropology at Auburn University, immersing herself in world culture and antiquities. Her keen eye and sense of style allowed her to work her way up at top interior design firms.

After years of transforming homes, Heather decided to open a design firm of her own.

Together with Matt, they began their design journey by remodeling and flipping houses in 2002. They have experience building homes from concept to completion and can build, remodel, design and inspire.  What sets them apart is the combination of skills they bring separately and together.  Matt French is the master of materials and processes, simplicity, heft, those things that ground a project.  Heather French is the space and feel, the orchestrator, the mix of the soft and the hard, the flare.   With a modern foundation, but a  respect for history, they seek an authenticity of materials and experience, bringing meaning to the quiet moments of life.


Raised in an artistic family in the Southern U.S., Matt spent a large part of his childhood sailing. After studying the Art of Film at Auburn University, he became a highly skilled woodworker and carpenter. Always drawn towards the world of renewable energy and sustainable living, Matt opened a successful electrical contracting business in 2007.

Heather & Matt French are incredible designers who come up with wonderfully creative ideas. They have worked on my personal home, dreaming bigger then I ever could have for myself. I have also had the privilege of seeing their commercial projects, which are beyond others in creativity! They have a wonderful way of creating a space that is completely you. They always come in on time and on budget, I highly recommend them!

-dustypagosa, via Houzz

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