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Innovations and American Made Works of Art at Fall Market 2021

Our attendance and this blog post were sponsored by the High Point Market Authority, Esteem Media and the brands mentioned here. However, as always, all views are entirely our own.

Hey there! It’s Matt—I’m back with more High Point Market finds!

I saw some interesting new innovations of items we see everyday, some we take for granted, and found some real gems that I’m excited to share with you. I also wanted to point out some of the companies who are making a point to demonstrate their consciousness around their global footprint, making the choice to source materials and create products all in the US.

Let’s get into it!

Bouclés & Fun, Oversized Furnishings

high point market interior design 2021 trends

I know we talked about Rowe last time, but I just had to show you this great two-person swivel. Upholstered in Crypton performance fabric, this piece makes for both an eye-catching element to a den or living room while being family-friendly. We love a good swivel — it offers a sitting area with a center-facing arrangement access to watch TV, turn to someone sitting across or next to you, and just generally to customize and adjust getting in and out of the chair. I like to joke about how grandparents love swivels until the grandkids start playing with the direction of the swivel — it’s just a fun piece of furniture and so many of us love them and want more of them!

Harmony in Texture and Shape

Universal Miranda Kerr tranquility white desk chair

The Universal showroom featured pieces designed by the always inspiring Miranda Kerr rich in echos of curves and circles. From the beautifully textured chair to the rounded desk, I love the bravery in committing to such specific and unusual design options. This desk gives that 60s-70s Parisian feel — it’s so striking and inviting all at the same time. The chair features this deep, fluted texture that looks both stylish and comfortable while bringing to mind classic pillars.

Comfort and US Made Flair


American made with an express program and short lead times, Sherrill Furniture stopped me in my tracks with this statement chair. I love large scale prints in such vibrant colors. You already know I love my botanicals and the variations of blue across all of the large leaves on this chair evokes what we see in nature with a bold splash of colorful imagination.

This Saddle Leather chair by Sherrill Furniture might have been THE most COMFORTABLE chair at Market. I had the great fortune to talk with the designer of this ergonomic piece – you can see him in the image telling his story to the Market participants. The attention to detail on this chair is a genuine marvel.


Natural Cotton:
Shifman – 128 year old family business

Shifman luxury mattresses are a unique blend of vintage, hand-produced processes with a modern mind for more sustainable materials.

Established in Newark, NJ, Shifman focuses on the use of natural cotton to enhance the breathability of their products.
Not only does Shifman source better materials for their products, they build their mattresses to last, making the most of their clients’ investment in their art. Shifman is one of the few remaining companies in the United States still producing a two-sided mattress. Their high quality product can be flipped to extend not only the use of the mattress but the comfort.

Shifman mattress manufacturing hand made

8-way, hand coiled boxspring

Shifman mattress manufacturing behind the scenes

The inside mechanics of Shifman mattresses

Surprises and Awards:
Stickley Steals the Show

high point market interior design 2021 trends

Stickley Furniture

The Martine Vanity Desk created by Marissa Brown earned Stickley a 2021 Pinnacle Award for home office furnishings. I was surprised to see this really fresh, ergonomic take that I haven’t seen before from Stickley. I have, nonetheless, always admired their sturdy, heavy wooded pieces in the past; however, this stunning, light, organic office ensemble of desk and curved cabinet blew me away.

The joinery of this desk flows like elements of nature, wind and water. This creation really pushes the company from an older, more classic style of building to a contemporary take on the Danish mid-century look. It’s innovative, nimble, and thoughtful in its functionality.


Stickley Furniture

Enlightening Art:
Hubbardton Forge

high point market interior design 2021 trends

Finally, I have to show this amazing lamp, made in Vermont by the artisans of Hubbardton Forge.

The craftsmanship on all the lighting fixtures you’ll find from Hubbardton Forge is mind-blowing. Their designs are custom works of art sourced entirely from their region. The leather, the wiring, any wood pieces – everything comes from in-state and that means lower lead times.

In this particular image, I’ve captured one of my favorite pieces of Hubbardton’s innovative, low voltage powered suspension designs. I love the way light is fitted into the globe. The LED is attached to the medallion on the side and the leather strap, sourced from a regional equestrian center, contains the wire to power the light.

I really like that there’s an agricultural element with the leather harness and you just can’t beat their local sourcing practices.

Huubardton Forge Derby Pendant
That’s a wrap! Thanks so much for taking a look at some of our favorite pieces from the Fall Market!

It’s a genuine pleasure to look at these thoughtfully crafted pieces, designed to bring beauty and harmony into our homes with less of a tax on the planet. Several of these companies are building and sourcing in America or making a noticeable effort towards using more sustainable materials. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Until next time,

-Matt French

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