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As many of you already know, we had the honor of being selected again as one of 10 influencers in High Point Market’s Design Influencers Tour for Fall 2021. We’ve been so fortunate to attend this market in the past and it never disappoints! Our attendance and this blog post were sponsored by the High Point Market Authority, Esteem Media and the brands mentioned here. However, as always, all views are entirely our own.

High Point Fall Market 2021:
French & French Highlights

It was great to see High Point Market back in (almost) full swing! I had the chance to see many new and interesting pieces and some fantastic surprises from established designers on the Design Influencers Tour this Fall Market.

The designers selected included a diverse group of really high caliber professionals. After everything we’ve all been through in 2020, it was an honor to be included in the levity and humor created by all the participants. My fellow designers are super talented people, great communicators, and we all learned a lot from each other.

Let’s get into some of my fresh takes from the Fall 2021 Market!

Texture & Bouclés

Jaipur High Point Showroom entry natural colored rugs and boucle upholstered arm chair round back

Jaipur Living Showroom at High Point Market

Texture and Bouclés were everywhere at Market! A response to our growing need for greater comfort in our homes. Fabrics and rugs featured some super textured, deep surfaces. I loved their natural neutral colors — lots of subdued browns, greens, and more “natural world” tones. Although we typically bring botanical and floral flavors of color and pattern into our rooms, it was good to see the neutrals turning more natural. Back home here in New Mexico, we live and breathe by our natural surroundings and I enjoyed seeing the calming, soothing colors of plant life, wood, and even the toned-down blue of the sky reflected in these new colorways.

Crypton boucle fabrics in natural earthy tomes

Plush upholstery fabrics by Crypton made with at least 50% recycled cotton paired with Crypton’s state-of-the-art stain and odor resistant technology.

Environmentalism: Designing Cleaner

The health of our environment is a refreshing focus for several brands attending Fall HPMKT.

The pandemic has created a scenario where lead times on receiving materials have been getting really long. Many brands have begun making the connection between the supply chain and environmental impact. I saw a lot of brands working on sourcing their materials closer to home and focusing on American Made options. Overall there is a concerted effort to reconsider how brands are going to keep making products for their following.

Area rugs display design influencers tour

Edward Fields introduces new rug line called Area in High Point

There is a lot more wool around, which is a renewable and regenerative agricultural resource that sequesters carbon and builds soil where the sheep are grazed.

I was excited to see a new line of wool rugs called Area by Edward Fields make its debut at High Point. I like this brand for its affordability for real people who want a bold design or pop of color in their spaces. Its accessibility is reinforced by the work Edward Fields puts into reducing waste during a climate crisis. While the brand continues to manufacture in China, they own the factory and have successfully transitioned to a zero waste facility.

Sustainable Living: Reduce Waste

Innovation Living reuses waste plastic to weave into their fabrics and go the extra mile to adjust their actual process of creating washable, durable items for the home.

Innovation Living weaves recycled waste plastics into their fabrics

Innovation Living chooses environmentally friendly materials, a growing trend. They are reusing waste plastic to weave into their fabrics and go the extra mile to adjust their actual process of creating washable, durable items for the home. By making products that can last in an environment where families gather (and drop food and other items that could leave stains), they’re reducing not only their own carbon footprint, but they’re also assisting customers to do the same by giving us better choices.

Innovation Living Revivus Sleeper sofa

Innovation Living‘s Revivus sleeper sofa

Even at the end of the life cycle of the removable fabric, rather than needing to replace the entire Revivus sleeper couch, customers can simply purchase a new cover. All of the Innovation Living casual fabrics are machine-washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

Indigenous Inclusivity: World Influence

Firstly, I understand that cultural appropriation in design is an important and nuanced discussion — a lot to unpack. I made some great friends this year at the Market who were willing to get these conversations going. We didn’t shy away from taking a look at the role design plays in making representation and visibility of other cultures a positive experience. There is much work to be done crediting, benefiting, or getting permission for the use of indigenous artwork. It’s just the beginning! We come to these discussions with heart and humor and I’ll talk more about the related issues over time. For now, I can say a trend towards inclusivity was evident this year.

Empowered Artisans: Freedom Through Creativity

Jaipur Living launched the Manchaha program, named for the Hindi word meaning “expression of love.” The program addresses the issue of thousands of pounds of yarn scraps and empowers the company’s most prolific artisans to create their own designs with the leftover materials. The company has over 40,000 looms spread out over India where women can weave in their own time and still be at home with their families and work as they go. The resulting designs are award-winning, beautiful and heartwarming.

I also loved seeing Jaipur Living focusing on wool as a renewable resource.

custom Jaipur rug Manchaha program hanging in showroom at high point market

Custom rug by Jaipur Living produced under the Manchaha program

Budh custom rug Jaipur living artisan story

Artisan highlight

There’s a lot more to share from High Point’s Fall Market!

From other great strides towards sustainability to affordable luxuries, I couldn’t contain all of my comments and enthusiasm to one blog post! Keep your eye out for my next blog post in this series where I’ll give you more details about our favorite designs and trends from the High Point Market Design Influencers Tour Fall 2021!

See you soon!

-Matt French

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