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Group of people pose for photo at High Point Market

As we announced in March, we were honored to have been selected again as one of 10 bloggers in High Point Market’s Design Bloggers Tour for Spring 2019. Our attendance and this blog post were sponsored by High Point Market and the brands mentioned here. However, as always, all views are entirely our own.

If you’ve never been to High Point Market, you don’t know what you’re missing! Like Disneyland for designers, this twice-annual event (spring and fall) is miles upon miles of gorgeous showrooms. It’s an excellent opportunity for designers and design-minded people to stay on top of the latest trends and get to know some new collections and brands.

If you couldn’t make it to High Point Spring Market this year – or if you’re just a design nerd who loves reading about all the newest things in the world of interior design – we’ve got you covered with this part two round up of some of the coolest brands on display.

If you missed part one of our brand roundup, you can read it here.

Howard Elliott

Howard Elliott was our first stop on the second day of the tour, and it really set the tone for the day ahead. This is a really cool brand, with lots of eclectic and interesting pieces on show.

This company specializes in mirrors; however, they also displayed some of their accessories and accent furniture, including vases and side tables, that make beautiful additions when finishing a room and making it more personal.

Abstract painting of a person at Howard Elliot display

Lloyd Flanders

We have worked with and visited Lloyd Flanders previously on the design bloggers tour, and it’s truly one of our favorite companies at High Point Market.

This brand is over a hundred years old and only deals in outdoor furniture, with a specialty in wicker. Their pieces are always spectacular and set a standard in the outdoor furniture market. Their clients include The White House, so you can imagine that these are very high-end, beautiful pieces. They’re not insanely unaffordable, but certainly investment pieces.

Green rattan rocking chair by Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders has recently started doing furniture that doesn’t have separate cushions. For example, they have a rocking chair with a wicker seat that’s cushioned beneath the wicker. These innovative pieces are great for high-wind, high-dust areas like Santa Fe, and we love them so much we’re currently buying some for our house!

Dowel Furniture

Dowel Furniture was one of the exhibitors in the IMC High Point Market InterHall, and we totally fell in love with it! Honestly, I can’t say enough about this company.

Dowel is a smaller company owned by a brother and sister team. They focus mainly on case goods and collaborations with designers, and this year’s collaboration was with Mally Skok, a phenomenally talented designer from South Africa.

Two women sit at a wooden table at High Point Market

Mally’s furniture collection was really on point, and the brand’s clean and classic aesthetic matches ours perfectly. We’ve even become a stocking dealer with Dowel so that we can bring her wonderful work to Santa Fe. So, watch this space!

Colección Alexandra & Rawan Isaac

These two companies were also featured in the IMC High Point Market InterHall.

Colección Alexandra is a luxury furniture company from Spain with a European, modern, clean-lined aesthetic. They focus mainly on case goods and upholstery, and everything is exclusively handmade.

Table with flower arrangement and framed photographs in background

Rawan Isaac was one of my favorites from the day. The company was started by an interior designer who first started making custom pieces for her clients – something a lot of us designers do which can eventually lead to furniture lines, like our own lighting line. This collection was super innovative and unique, full of highly designed, fun pieces.

Rawan Issac display at High Point Market with modern two toned wooden table

Dorel Home

Pink daybed with white, pink and dark blue pillows and abstract painting

Dorel Home stood out to me as it’s a company I wouldn’t necessarily have expected to be on the Design Bloggers Tour, mostly because it supplies larger box stores like Walmart.

It was an interesting brand to get to know because their collections are offered at a much lower price-point. Though they’re massed-produced, they’re really beautiful, entry-level pieces that make a great addition to starter homes, college dorms, or kids’ rooms. We look forward to seeing what’s in store for this company and where they pop up next.

Pinnacle Seating Studio

Pinnacle is a Canadian brand that we loved seeing at High Point Market this year. Their showroom was at 220 Elm.

Their line is mostly focused on high-end leather furniture and traditional wears. It’s super lush and really tailored, and we loved seeing some of their newer pieces on display.

Light brown leather sofa, red rug and modern multi leveled coffee tables


We even got to meet Sarah Richardson a-la HGTV Canada fame there which was really fun.

Large beige sofa in a U shape from pinnacle seating

Made Goods

Finally, Made Goods was the last stop of our tour – and they really went out with a bang! Theirs was an absolutely beautiful showroom, impeccable and showstopping in every sense.

Made Goods had just remodeled a bank, so their showroom included a vault that was seriously decked out. They also had an amazing restaurant on site.

Room with wallpaper of trees, round mirror, white sideboard and decorative gold birds

This brand focuses on mirrors, side tables, case goods, and some outdoor furniture. Their pieces are examples of truly detailed, inlaid work of beautiful construction, and they absolutely set the standard in the market for high-end pieces. They’re such a lovely company, and always fun to work with.

Mint green and salmon colored walls with built in shelf decorated with wooden cabinet and vase of tropical plants

Feeling inspired?

We hope that these roundup posts have given you a good sense of what’s out there in the design world today. New and exciting brands are always popping up, and the old faithfuls are continually coming out with innovative collections.

What brand has inspired you the most? Do any of them have you dreaming of a remodel? Let us know in the comments, we love to hear from you!

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